Our Story

On December 3, 1886, six people brought letters of dismissal from other churches, drew up a church covenant, adopted articles of faith and established Concord Baptist Church (later called Seminary Baptist Church). These charter members were John, Mahala, and Katherine Pickering; John and Sarah Graham; and H.R. Curtis. The first pastor to serve the church was Rev. J. L. Finely, with services being held in a school building.

In 1888, the first church building was erected. G. A. Leggett, who helped with the construction, described it as a small frame building approximately sixteen by thirty feet. Seating for the congregation was handhewn benches. The church was located about three miles east of Seminary.

The church remained at the location for approximately ten years, moving in 1897 to the town of Seminary where more of its 69 members lived. During the same year the Sunday School was organized.

The church building was destroyed by fire on September 22, 1913, most of the pews were saved, but the church organ burned. Witnesses reported that the church bell rang during the burning due to the wind and the heat.

After the destruction of the building, a committee composed of W.L. Hemeter, Dr. H.L. Garrison, J.C. McGowen, Alex Lott, and G.S. Hemeter was authorized to initiate the construction of a new building. In the interim, services were held in the local schoolhouse.

The fourth church building was erected on the present site after the land was donated by Mr. & Mrs. Alex Lott. February 8, 1914 marked the first service in the new building.

Seminary Baptist Church has been served by 37 pastors. Currently, Seminary Baptist Church is enjoying God's blessings and working to fulfill the Acts 1:8 mandate of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Seminary Community and beyond.