House of Hope

An acts 1:8 mission of seminary baptist church

As a part of our Acts 1:8 Mission Strategy, a group of our church members have been actively involved in a needs-based ministry for our community.  The House of Hope has been officially recognized as a standing mission of our church. The target group of the mission includes single moms, elderly people on fixed incomes, victims of house fires as well as many others.

The House of Hope is fully staffed by volunteers from the Seminary Baptist Church family.  Since its' inception, these volunteers have been meeting the needs of people by providing school supplies, school uniforms and food. It is our goal to recognize and meet other needs in our community as this mission grows. It is our hope that by meeting the physical needs of those in our community we can then establish relationships to share the Good News of the Gospel and grow God's kingdom.

We encourage you to be a part of the House of Hope by praying, volunteering your time, or sharing your resources.  For more information about how you can be involved, contact the church office.