Welcome Parents!

The Student Ministry at Seminary Baptist Church is looking forward to working with your family to help your student grow and serve. This page is specially dedicated to you in order to help you know more about what we are doing in the ministry. Every month, you can find the parent newsletter, "In the Know," linked on the site. Also, if you would like to be added to the parent email list, fill out a form here.

Family Experience Guides

Family Experiences (Rite of Passage) help you and your student process the changes and responsibility that comes from growing up! Each year of their life from 6th-12th Grade, you can help them remember a significant milestone in their life, and help them process it as a family! Click this link to find ALL the resources you need to have your Family Experiences. These are also available upoon request from The Harbor. 


Parenting Class

Each month, we provide an online, quick parenting class. It will feature 2 short videos and emails to help parents understand how to lead their students through a confusing culture! Be sure to join the email list to receive the FREE class! 


Join Our Facebook Group: Parents of the Harbor

Through our FB group, we share encouraging verses, news, and parenthing helps!


Free Parent Resources

Here are some great resources for you to know more about current youth culture (movies, tv, music, apps, etc.).


The Center for Parent/Youth understanding is a great tool to help bridge   the gap between parents and youth, especially when it comes to new technology and cultural devlopments. 



 Focus on the family is brings a wealth of resources and insight for parents who have children all the way to a senior in high school. 



Plugged in is a ministry of Focus on the Family. They review movies, music, television shows, and video games in order for you and your family to know the content and message of today's media.