God is Good...

There is a statement that we hear often, “God is good all the time!” It is such a popular statement that even songs have been written using that phrase. I don’t think that any of us who are in a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, His Son, would doubt that statement at all. The Scripture even declares this about our God. Psalm 119:68 declares, “You are good, and do good.” (NKJV) Yet, if we are honest, we have more than likely found ourselves asking at times, “Why would a God who is so good allow bad things to come our way in this life?” I have also heard others ask, “How can you trust in a God who allows bad things to happen?”

I’ve thought about that a lot through the years. I’ve read many books and articles that deal with that question and yet still when things that we perceive as bad come into our lives, we immediately begin to cast blame on God or begin to ask that question again. I certainly do not claim to have the answers to many of life’s questions, but I will tell you that for me the answer to this particular question has become much easier to accept when I am reminded that God is Good all the time because He is GOD ALL THE TIME!!!

For me, that puts perspective on my entire life: the good, the bad, and all that falls between those two extremes. Because God is God and I am not, I must acknowledge that He desires the very best for me in my life as His child. Things that He allows in my life are allowed for the purpose of molding MEinto the MEthat He has CREATED and RE-CREATED MEto be.

All this to say – when bad stuff comes our way, let’s not run from God but rather let’s run to God for He is in control. Indeed, God is Good All The Time!!!

In Christ Alone,
Bro. Tim